so so much

I haven't updated in forever. So much stuff.

for those who don't know by now, I have kept it from people who didn't need stress, Aidie has had problems. around easter 2008, he stopped talking. and walking. and eating. and smiling. after a few months he'd regained all those skills, to some extent. at 21 months old, he was evaluated by specialists, and was placed at a 10 month level in cognitive development, and 6 months in Socio-emotional development. up until he stopped, around easter, he was actually pretty advanced, had a larger than average vocabulary, could feed himself, identify letters, shapes. he was a bit ahead of the curve.
He was very violent, attacking himself and others, but throught the help of twice weekly therapists, he's learned more words back, and has fewer outbursts. He hasn't broken my nose in months now. :)
He has learned back a few words, a little over a dozen. He walks without holding on tho things again, and runs pretty well, though he's clumsy still.
He knocked out his 2 front teeth in a tantrum, (he was mad, and running, and ran into the back of the truck. He cried for a second, bled buckets, but all in all it barely registered.) and he has 2 capped teeth as well, along with countless chips filled in. he's already been to the dentist more times than his brother. and let me tell you, there is nothing like everyone at the dentists office comeing together and working in concert to have to hold down the gigantic 2 year old. It really sucks, feels like were torturing him.
He still doesn't eat. hes living off the food I sneak to him(yogurt in the sippy), breastmilk, peanut butter crackers, and pediasure. with the occasional natural cheeto thrown in, and all the Oreo cookies he can sneak.
He hates clothes, diapers, socks, shoes on most days. I don't know what I'll do when he outgrows footie jammies. Becasue while he hates them, he cant get out of them and this way he doesn't freeze.
HE sleeps on the coffee table, though when I replaced his toddler matress with a board, he napped there for the first time in forever. He only likes his baths extremely hot, or really cold, and theres never telling which will be right, I get to draw it up and guess, and if its wrong wait a hour for him to recover and draw up the right one.
He loves TV and radio, one must be on at all times for him to function. it can be CNN or NPR, and long as its on.
most days his family is the only people he can tolerate. We cant go out in public often, if there are too many people around he hides his face and sobs and shakes, or closes his eyes, screams, and beats himself in the head till he's bloody.
He's still gigantic, 38 pounds, wearing size 3 and 4Tand size 9 shoes.He had his first haircut a few months ago, I had to hold him down and buzz him. it took hours because I gave him breaks to get a grip, and we haven't done it since, but I had to, he was getting dreds.

He had an MRI done in June, and other than finding out he had breathing problems, (the had to tube him, he stopped breathing, my poor baby...) it didn't show anything. He's also been tested for lead twice, and had his thyroid tested twice, the second on each due to hospital mix up. Both werefine. We are waiting on the results of his genetic testing, and if it shows anything, we'll be having a micro-array done to find out exactly what it is. Hopefully.

So, so far, we have 2 dignosies. "Macrocephaly", (did i mention his giant head? it doesn't look that big, to the eye, but he wears the same size hats as Lucas, and its way off the pecentile charts.)
and "Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Non-Specified."

Thats what is going on over here right now.
on happier news, Lucas got his white belt in Karate, and Kris is back to work, 6-10s, so at least we got to keep insurance on Aidan.

I often wondered in the beginning, why this happened to my baby. I cried over it, and still do, sometimes. But I figure, it happened to our baby because we are stong enough for it to have happened to our baby. If it had to happen to some little boy, I have to be happy that it was us, because we can do this. I can't imagine what this would do to parents who couldn't take it.

I can try to add pix, but i'm not sure if it'll time out on me, there may only be a few.


wow, its been a while!

I dont even know where to start. the world spins faster, and being dizzy keeps me on my toes. I'll upload pix of the boys tommorrow, but for now, i'm going to bed, because the little monsteris finally sleeping in his bed again, for the first time in a month, after this nasty cold he had, and i'm looking forward to stretching out to sleep. of course, now that i've said this, he's gonna wake up, it would only happen that way, right?



I am so tired of being made to feel like I'm doing something wrong because Aidan is still nursing! Yeah, it's wonderful that other babies are totally weaned to a cup, except its formula, and that's not as great, in my book. and this other baby weaned sooo long ago, and whatever. I don't care. it's not easy nursing, but it's good for him, and it makes him happy, so I do. I'd love to be able to not do it, at least, most days, but I do. Because he is comforted by it, I am lucky enough to get to stay at home and do it, and you know what, he's only 14 monhs old. apperently, he should be driving a car, and speaking in full sentences by now, how dare he still be a baby?! And you know who you are, and I'm tired of it.

End Rant.


On Halloween:

Scary Devil Lucas!

He wanted to be scary, I asked him,

"What's the Scariest thing you can think of?"
"The Devil."

so, he was.

And the Stinker being cute,

And being a stinker.



Lucas got his Bobcat badge! He's a tiger cub now! I'll add Halloween pictures as soon as I find them, I'm tired, and apparently they are hiding somewhere...


mommy is goonie!

I'm getting my tooth pulled tomm! It broke more today, I had been putting it off, cause it was just cracked, but getting hit in the face by a big ol head lately as well as the bathroom cabinet door officially broke it, the nerve is way exposed, and I've got pennicillin and tylenol 3. Thanks to my totally wonderful mom, I get it done tommorrow! I was going to have to wait until thursday just to get looked at, but she made some calls cause I was out of my mind with pain and didn't even think of the emergency place I want to when aid was just a week old bitty bit. my mom rocks!
In other news, Aidan my be over the stomach flu, were back to one poo a day, and I believe Lucas' webkin is dying. Dont buy your kid a webkin, no matter how much they beg, just FYI. It ends up being bored mommy-crack. Lucas wants more for his birthday, I dont know what to do.